Lisa Mulder

Junior Consultant / Analyst

Lisa joined the team of studio Gear-Up in June 2021 as a junior consultant/analyst.

Lisa obtained a bachelor’s degree in Beta-Gamma, including a major physics, of the University of Amsterdam. Her bachelor thesis focused on the assessment of a new method to determine carbon dioxide levels in our atmosphere through satellite data. After her bachelor she wanted to learn more about sustainability and innovation and obtained a masters in Innovation Sciences from Utrecht University. Where, she obtained knowledge on accelerating innovation and transitions. She likes to use this knowledge to pursue a more sustainable future.

As part of her master’s degree, she did a research internship at the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, where she researched the influence of goal formulation processes on the success of several goal setting innovation policies (e.g. climate agreement). She also learned a lot about the transport sector and worked hard to improve its innovativeness.


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