Mark Bunse

Mark's portrait

Medior Consultant / Analyst

January 2021, Mark Bunse joined studio Gear Up

Holding a TU Delft Master’s degree in biochemical engineering, Mark has been involved in several biofuel-related projects, including group projects for the design of an e-biorefinery, and a photobioreactor of oleaginous algal biomass production from wastewater. His Master thesis was a techno-economic and environmental assessment of the bioelectrochemical production of hydrogen and n-butanol.

As part of the NWO Clean Shipping project, he conducted a 4 months internship at the Netherlands Platform for Sustainable Biofuels, where he focused on linking technology to feedstocks in marine biofuel production based on expert interviews and literature. Mark supports studio Gear Up with his technical expertise and his experience in quantitative and qualitative assessments surrounding sustainability and feasibility.


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