For: Netherlands Platform Sustainable Biofuels

[Jan-Aug 2020]

Consumers and other end-users increasingly ask for insight in the origin and impacts of the products they buy, especially if these are promoted as being sustainable. This leads to transparent communication on sustainability impacts and measures and drives continuous improvements along supply chains. With Clean Fuel Contracts we can make such information available for renewable fuels such as biofuels. The entire production chain of biofuels is already certified and much information is actually available. However, the information is currently purposed for proving compliance with legislation and rarely travels to the end-user. There is no uniform and reliable system yet to pass the information to the end-user. With Clean Fuel Contracts, information is further passed on, from the moment the fuel leaves the excise warehouse via depots and gas stations, all the way to the drivers or even their clients. In this way Clean Fuel Contracts will provide an independent claim for the deployment of renewable fuels in the market that can’t be independently proved nowadays. In this feasibility study, studio Gear Up explored with members of Platform Sustainable Biofuels how the system could be designed and rolled out to the market.

The report can be found here.

More information on the Netherlands Platform Sustainable Biofuels is found here.


Mobility Monitor 2023

For: NOVE – Netherlands Business Association for Independent Fuel Suppliers [February 2022 – March 2024] For Dutch-based NOVE, the Netherlands Business Association for Independent Fuel Suppliers, studio Gear Up developed an annually recurring Mobility Monitor

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