About studio Gear Up

Who We Are

studio Gear Up is an Amsterdam based independent consultancy firm, founded in 2015. We assist clients in determining their best next steps in the changing context. How to strengthen a strategic position and/or develop new propositions that generate impact, both economically as well environmentally. studio Gear Up helps understanding the transition to an emerging biobased, circular and climate neutral economy. Collaborative exploration of knowledge and networks, executing analyses, building sets of different scenario to boost strategic considerations are examples of approaches taken.

studio Gear Up produces insights about policy and market developments for sustainable low carbon options.

About e.g.:

  • GHG-saving and origins of biofuel feedstock.
  • How to build fair and sustainable supply chains.
  • Options for decarbonizing transport and mobility.

Mission & Vision

studio Gear Up is identifying and creating the best options for climate neutral and circular systems, like creating alternatives for fossil fuels. studio Gear Up is committed to developing concepts for sustainable and transparent biosourcing.

The shift to a low-carbon economy will create new opportunities and markets for bio sourced materials and recycled products.

Tools & Services

  • Strategic consultancy / advisory services
    • Strategic analysis: Scenario development
      • Policy / market insights
      • Competitor analysis: Benchmarking
      • Gravity point analysis
        • new entrants, new alternatives
        • Non-market strategy
        • Regulatory affairs
  • Process management / Project management
  • Building partnerships and strategic alliances
  • Concept development

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