studio Gear Up works with organisations and companies to strengthen their strategic position in a

climate neutral fossil-free biobased circular economy

studio Gear Up works with organisations and companies to strengthen their strategic
position in a

fossil-free biobased circular climate neutral


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How to prepare for ETS II?

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Get insights and learn via the ETS II trading game.

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How to prepare for ETS II? Join our workshop on 29 September 2023

Date: Friday, September 29th, 2023Time: 9:30 – 17:00Location: Hotel Jakarta, Amsterdam, the Netherlands Admission (all prices excl. VAT)Early bird tickets (register before August 28th):€ 575,- or € 125,- for academia/NGONormal tickets:€ 875,- or € 175,- for academia/NGOLimited free spaces for students Europe is set to introduce a second emission trading

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Markets for green e-methanol

For: Industrial client [June – December 2022] Methanol is a key product in the chemical industry. It is a globally traded base chemical, precursing many other products. It is also used as a fuel or fuel component and it is envisioned as a renewable fuel option, especially for the shipping

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I believe renewable fuels can contribute much more to decarbonization than the policymakers want at the moment

Foremost, the use of fossil resources will have to be capped and reduced significantly in the coming decades.


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studio Gear Up is an Amsterdam based independent consultancy firm, founded in 2015. We assist clients in determining their best next steps in a changing context. Together with the client we develop a strategic positioning and build new propositions that generate impact in a biobased, circular and climate neutral economy. Collaborative exploration of data and developments will generate new insights, understanding the regulation and upcoming regulation, executing analyses, building sets of different scenario’s to boost strategic considerations are examples of approaches taken.

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