Europe needs more advanced biofuels to rapidly reduce transport emissions

“I believe renewable fuels can contribute much more to decarbonisation than the policymakers want at the moment.”

… says Carlo Hamelinck, partner at studio Gear Up, recently interviewed for an article of the ‘Future Beyond Fossil’ Stories, an UPM Biofore initiative. UPM is planning a new biorefinery, in Rotterdam the Netherlands, to increase production of advanced biofuels. The envisaged feedstocks are the residues and by-products of e.g. the forest industry. According to a study by Imperial College London Consultants such sustainable feedstocks for advanced biofuels are sufficiently available in Europe – also after first supplying to other markets’ needs – to replace around one third of road transport fuels in the EU.

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Globally, transport accounts for about a quarter of CO2 emissions. Heavy duty transport, shipping and aviation will soon require new solutions and need to act rapidly if this sector is to deliver significant emission reductions in the coming decades. While electrification progresses, the legacy fleet of internal combustion engines will outnumber the electric fleet for a long time to come.

“Europe has around 10% total in terms of bio- and e-fuels in the overall energy mix, but we should go higher and faster. Actually, policymakers have used certain concerns to limit the contributions of these fuels, rather than using the concerns to improve the rules. There are new solutions that a market can develop when the rules are clear, and the demand is serious.”

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Mobility Monitor 2023

For: NOVE – Netherlands Business Association for Independent Fuel Suppliers [February 2022 – March 2024] For Dutch-based NOVE, the Netherlands Business Association for Independent Fuel Suppliers, studio Gear Up developed an annually recurring Mobility Monitor

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