Rapporteur Sub-Group Advanced Biofuels

For: DG Energy – European Commission
[Dec 2015 – Jan 2017]

The Sustainable Transport Forum has been formed following the publication of the Directive on the Deployment for an Alternative Fuels Infrastructure. In this Forum stakeholders in alternative fuels discuss and provide recommendations to the European Commission. Under the Sustainable Transport Forum several sub-groups have been established, one being the Sub-Group Advanced Biofuels (SGAB). SGAB consist of 34 Members, representing European technology providers, truck manufacturers, airlines, oil companies and others.

Eric van den Heuvel acted as one of the three Rapporteurs in the Sub-Group Advanced Biofuels (SGAB) and assisted the Chair and Vice-Chair to discuss with involved European stakeholders from the biofuels industry to discuss the potential contribution of  advanced biofuel towards 2030.

SGAB developed clear recommendations to the European Commission for the 2020-2030 Renewable Energy Directive and indicated a potential contribution of advanced and renewable fuels of 7,2% to 11,7%, on top of the share of crop based biofuels.

The final report has been published in June 2017:

The technology report has been updated in 2018.
The report can be found here.


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