Strategic support on understanding of the renewable energy and fuel regulatory and market landscape

For: A downstream oil and gas company

[January 2023 – December 2023]

Our client sought our assistance in navigating the complexities of the transition of the transport fuel sector towards higher shares of renewable energy. Specifically, they required insights how the national implementation of the EU Renewable Energy Directive (REDII) impacts market propositions. Furthermore they aimed at understanding the implications on future sustainable feedstocks and conversion technologies for the production of renewable fuels.

Throught the year we provided the company with analyses and specific tools and solutions for their daily business to business operations. 

By means of thorough socio-technical analysis and strategic guidance, we equipped our client with the necessary information and instruments to navigate the within the sustainable energy landscape.


Mobility Monitor 2023

For: NOVE – Netherlands Business Association for Independent Fuel Suppliers [February 2022 – March 2024] For Dutch-based NOVE, the Netherlands Business Association for Independent Fuel Suppliers, studio Gear Up developed an annually recurring Mobility Monitor

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