Jouk Hogenhuis

Jouk's portrait

Junior Consultant/Analyst

Jouk joined studio Gear Up in October 2022, in the capacity of Junior Consultant/Analyst.

Jouk holds a MSc degree in Environmental Governance from the Copernicus Institute of Utrecht University. He has a strong passion for sustainability and contributing to tackling societal challenges. He has profound experience with transition thinking in the context of complex systems, in particular the agricultural system. Jouk has worked on sustainability transitions from different perspectives, ranging from on the ground practical implications to high-level policy and legislation. In an internship at the European Parliament, he familiarized himself with the ins and outs of the EU policy arena.

Jouk supports the team with his holistic approach to systems thinking, making sense of the complexity of wicked sustainability challenges, and his ability to bring down comprehensive and complex matters to their core.


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