Kieran Green

Junior Consultant / Analyst

Kieran Green joined the team at studio Gear Up as a junior consultant/analyst in June 2023.

Kieran is strongly passionate about sustainable development and has a detailed understanding of supply chain issues and market interactions, in an environmental context. With a background focused on tackling sustainability issues within an agricultural context, his work has required him to adress challenges within local contexts and how these interact on a wider global scale. This has provided him with a detailed understanding of the various societal and environmental challenges which formulate in complex settings.  

Holding an MSc degree in Development Economics from the Universiteit van Amsterdam (UvA), Kieran is fueled by passion, intrigue and advanced research in development economics. He enjoys adopting a technical approach to unravel complex issues and the application of statistical methods. Joining the studio Gear Up team, allows Kieran to fulfil his ambition of employing his toolkit of analytical and research-based skills to create meaningful impact.


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