Transport fuels from plastic waste

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Dutch national newspaper De Volkskrant published an article (by Bard van de Weijer) about transport fuels made from non-recyclable plastic waste. A good idea or not? Read the article (in Dutch) via this link

Eric van den Heuvel, partner at studio Gear Up, was one of the interviewees. He argued for a change in perspective and stated that we have to get rid of the idea that fossil is the reference point when evaluating renewable options: “Set a volumetric and lowering cap on the amount of fossil that is allowed to be used in 2030”. As mobility needs remain unchanged, the needs will largely fulfilled with renewable electricity, renewable and circular fuels and energy efficiency options. By making fossil more and more scarce, alternatives become necessary and innovation will help make them more attractive. so regulation pushed fossil out, and the market players are challenged on where they are best in: innovate for new, sustainable propositions. 

Read the article (in Dutch) via this link.


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