Introducing the Dutch policy landscape surrounding renewable fuels: Opportunities for HBE-trading

For: Multinational fuel company

[July – September 2023]

We assisted a multinational fuel company, who wants to supply biofuels to the Dutch transport sector. To evaluate opportunities in the North West European market, they especially wanted to better understand the Dutch regulations governing renewable fuels, in particular the so-called HBE system (renewable fuel units, in Dutch: hernieuwbare brandstofeenheden) system under the Renewable Energy Directive (RED II). Therefore, they engaged studio Gear Up to provide expertise by means of a speed training course.

In a single day, we provided a comprehensive overview of Dutch policy context surrounding renewable fuels, the renewable fuels obligation (jaarverplichting) including insights into the operation of the HBE system and how it is managed by the Dutch Emissions Authority. 

In the first part of the workshop, we explored the historical background and the overarching regulatory framework. We explained the targets and structures of European and national laws and regulations, such as the Fuel Quality Directive (FQD), the RED II, the Dutch Climate Agreement, and more.

In the second part, we detailed the complexities of the HBE system, by covering topics such as types of HBEs, the Transport Energy Register (REV), rules for generating and trading HBEs, and we discussed the market value of HBEs. We walked the participants through the calculation method of the greenhouse gas reduction obligation (reductieverplichting). Throughout the workshop, participants gained a foundational understanding of the HBE system in the Netherlands, including its potential implications for their business strategy.

We concluded with discussions on the German THG-quoten system, which inspired potential cross-border business cases, and which further enriched the company’s understanding of renewable fuel markets in North Western Europe.


Mobility Monitor 2023

For: NOVE – Netherlands Business Association for Independent Fuel Suppliers [February 2022 – March 2024] For Dutch-based NOVE, the Netherlands Business Association for Independent Fuel Suppliers, studio Gear Up developed an annually recurring Mobility Monitor

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