Understanding the fuel market transition using strategic scenario planning

For: A Netherlands fuel supplier

[June – October 2023]

A fuel supplier active in the Neterlands, aware of the ongoing transition to higher shares of renewable fuels (and electricity) in the transport fuel mix, seeked support in developing a better understanding of it opportunities for a future market position. studio Gear Up developed a series of brainstorm sessions in which we jointly explored various strategic market and policy scenarios, followed by intensive discussions on how to interpret, anticipate and prepare for an emerging renewable energy landscape. By applying strategic scenario planning tools , we meticulously analysed the company’s current market activities and near-future plans and investigated which potential shifts in their operating environment and their opportunities might help to address the changing context and seek future proof positions.


Turin Joint Statement to G7 on Sustainable Biofuels

The Turin Joint Statement on Sustainable Biofuels highlights the role of sustainable biofuels in decarbonising all transport sectors, promoting environmental sustainability, innovation, and creating value for communities. studio Gear Up and more than 75 Industry

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