Blanca Reemst

Portret Blanca Reemst

Junior Consultant/Analyst

Blanca is the latest addition to the team, having started in June 2023. She began her studies in psychology, carrying with her a special interest for sustainability issues from a behavioural perspective. After discovering a course in sustainable development she felt inspired to change directions, ultimately leading her to a MSc degree in Environmental Geography.

During her studies she was able to delve into complex issues regarding sustainability and sustainable governance in a global context – focusing on social and environmental justice by adopting a North-South perspective. She has gained valuable experience researching the challenges and opportunities of the energy transition. She took part in a leading-edge research initiative on fossil fuels and climate change at the University of Amsterdam, funded by the European Research Council. In this research programme she explored current fossil fuel asset divestment trends and their impact on climate mitigation efforts.

Equipped with a good dose of critical thinking, Blanca hopes to drive meaningful change by working at studio Gear Up.


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