studio Gear Up works with organisations and companies to strengthen their strategic position in a

climate neutral fossil-free biobased circular economy

studio Gear Up works with organisations and companies to strengthen their strategic
position in a

fossil-free biobased circular climate neutral


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Home-charged electric vehicles outperform combustion engine vehicles on price
Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs) are more affordable than their combustion engine counterparts (ICEVs) and no longer require the support of the purchase subsidy, our total cost of ownership analysis shows. This is primarily the case for situations where home charging is available. Being dependent on public or fast charging may flip the coin. 

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What you’ve missed: the Amsterdam ETS 2 workshop

During the ETS 2 workshop on the 29th of September in Amsterdam we introduced the upcoming legislative trading system known as ETS 2, and uncovered its scope, workings, and implications. Together with the participants we delved into the relevant concepts that are tied to this system and answered their most pressing

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What is needed for drop-in advance biofuels industry built-up in EU

Subcontracted by: Exergia Energy and Environment Consultants S.A.For: CINEA – European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency [June – September 2023] studio Gear Up (Eric van den Heuvel) provided senior expert review to one of the draft chapters of the “Study on Development of Outlook for the Necessary Means to

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I believe renewable fuels can contribute much more to decarbonization than the policymakers want at the moment

Foremost, the use of fossil resources will have to be capped and reduced significantly in the coming decades.


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studio Gear Up is an Amsterdam based independent consultancy firm, founded in 2015. We assist clients in determining their best next steps in a changing context. Together with the client we develop a strategic positioning and build new propositions that generate impact in a biobased, circular and climate neutral economy. Collaborative exploration of data and developments will generate new insights, understanding the regulation and upcoming regulation, executing analyses, building sets of different scenario’s to boost strategic considerations are examples of approaches taken.

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