Management of the Netherlands Platform Sustainable Biofuels

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For: The Netherlands Platform Sustainable Biofuels

[Oct 2016 – now]

Executing the daily management of the independent knowledge and innovation Platform (i) to support the decarbonization of the transport sector and (ii) to enable the builds up of a biobased economy in The Netherlands.

Studio Gear Up is in charge of managing the activities of the Netherlands Platform Sustainable Biofuels (Platform Duurzame Biobrandstoffen). This independent knowledge and innovation Platform aims (i) to mitigate the climate impacts of the transport sector and (ii) to enable the builds up of a biobased economy in The Netherlands, as a means to contribute to achieving the Paris Agreement for Climate. The Platform brings together various stakeholders active in the field of renewable fuels (for road transport, shipping and aviation) for knowledge exchange and built of insights, e.g. via seminars, workshops and dedicated working group meetings. The Platform transfers innovative developments from abroad to the Dutch network. The Platform provides strategic advise and analyses to policy makers to secure lower climate change related carbon emissions in the decades to come. When possible the Platform commissions new studies on issues relevant for further development of policy and market. In its campaign website ‘Driven by Nature‘ the Platform provides advice for the end user on sustainable alternatives for use in road transport together with a map of available tank stations in the Netherlands.

The Platform serves as the contact point between members of the platform, industry, experts and other stakeholders with involvement in the biofuels and renewable fuels supply chain.

studio Gear Up team involved: Loes Knotter, Eric van den Heuvel, Sofia Rosero

More information (partly in dutch, partly in English) on: and


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