Quick-scan analysis on the ‘Renewable energy in transport’ multiplier for biofuels in shipping

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For: RVO – Netherlands Enterprise Agency

[October 2022]

RVO, the Netherlands Enterprise Agency, asked studio Gear Up for a concise analysis on the height of the multiplier that currently is used for bunkering advanced biofuels to the maritime sector. The specific question concerned whether a change to the factor for biofuels supplied to the international maritime sector, for which in the Netherlands regulation an opt-in measure exists could achieve a more level playing field for renewable fuels delivered to the road transport sector.

Currently, the factor is set at 0.8 (following the ‘Regeling energie vervoer’ that is in force of 1st Jan 2022). Under the current situation a lack of level playing field is experienced for renewable fuels supplied to the maritime sector and the national road transport sector. The volumes supplied to the maritime sector have increased to such levels that this impacts the volumes in road transport. As a result, the national CO2-emission reduction targets, like the -6% FQD target, may not be met, as the emission reduction established in international shipping does not count for the national targets.

The goal of the concise analysis is to determine at what level the multiplier factor deployment in shipping is equally attractive as deployment in national road transport. The insights will be shared in a workshop with RVO, the involved departments of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management and the Netherlands Emission authority (NEa).

The project is completed and a brief workshop report is submitted to RVO.


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